Kormoran distribution and marketing

Kormoran Distribution has established in 2016 in the City Tel aviv, Israel.
By Liam Rubin, a teacher and advisor for companies about online trade.

We locate, research and import a wide range of products from China and Europe to Israel.

In our service, we will take care of all the supply chain, from finding the right supplier to the production level and the logistics from the supplier's factory to the customer's warehouse.

We also have the ability to issue certificates as needed in order to import the good to Israel. 

We are looking for growing partnerships with companies located in Europe and China.

:Our location

We are located in Israel,

City Tel aviv

Contact us:

Phone number:
+972543349778, CEO
Wechat ID:

Sourcing Department:

Chamber of commerce Tel aviv
branch partners number: 72899


We believe in creating Win-Win situations & long term relationships. 
We work with a wide range of clients in the Israeli market, and a larger range of suppliers In China and Europe.

Liam, Company Founder


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